IN-PERSON SUNDAY SERVICES (8:45 am & 10:45 am. - RESERVATIONS REQUIRED), or join us ONLINE at (Services are posted around 11 AM Sunday.) For normal service protocol read the FAQ

Questions and Answers

Is the church open for in-person worship services?



What time are services?

The first service begins at 8:45 and the second begins at 10:45. This allows ample time for sanitization between services.

Will facemasks be mandatory?

There is quite a disparity when it comes to opinions people hold regarding the efficacy of face masks, and each side turns to science to support their positions. Our staff has concluded that the best scenario at this point is for our 8:45 service be one where wearing a mask is mandatory for all who attend for the entirety of the service. Masks will be provided for those who do not have them. During the 10:45 service wearing a mask will be optional once one is already seated and safely socially distanced from others. The only exception is while we are singing, and we ask that everyone wear a mask during that time. When one is moving around in our church facility we ask that all of us wear masks as we consider our brother or sister’s safety and our freedom to be determined and shaped by the needs of and love for our neighbor.

What will it be like when I arrive?

One of our ushers will open the door when you arrive. Once inside, we have masks available for anyone who needs one. We kindly ask that you choose to stay home if you have had any symptoms or exposure to Covid-19. We also ask that everyone be especially mindful of physical distancing.

A large screen (showing our reserved seating) is in the foyer as you enter. My wife (Sheryl) will be there to let you know where you will be seated and I (Pastor Herb) will help you find your seat. It would be most helpful if you could reserve your seat in advance. See below...

How will the seating be managed to allow for social distancing?

We have significantly reduced the seating in the sanctuary. We still have three sections but there are fewer rows per section with extra spacing between every row. We also keep groups apart within those rows, managing at least 2 seats between.

Will we need to make reservations for a particular service?

Yes. Please email, call, or text us so we know which service you prefer to attend. We project a diagram of the sanctuary seating, largely filled in prior to people arriving at the church, indicating where people will be seated. (Sheryl and I have a pretty good idea where most people normally prefer to sit. We’ll try to organize things so people can be close to their area of comfort.) We won't turn people away, but making a reservation in advance will certainly help us juggle all of the particulars. 

          PHONE: (217) 355-5947, ext. 5
          TEXT: 844-635-8009

Can we make standing reservation for a particular service?

Yes! If you prefer a certain service time and plan to attend most weeks, making a standing reservation at the beginning of the month is very helpful. Again, just let us know via email, call or text which service you'd like to be your "regular" service, and how many will attend. If there are any dates that you know you will not be in attendance, let us know that too.

When should people show up to attend a service?

Coming 10 minutes prior to the service will be helpful. With reservations already made, we will already have assigned seating so any waiting in line should be rather brief. However, we will want to make sure to allow enough time and to keep social distanced while waiting to be seated in the sanctuary.

What if there is a last minute change in plans and we won't attend as planned?

Please call, text or email us right up until the service time. Knowing your reserved seat is open will allow us flexibility to put someone else in that spot.

Will we be allowed to sing?

Singing has always been part of our DNA as a congregation at worship. We are mindful of the fact that singing increases the risk of transmission of the virus by projecting respiratory droplets. We are addressing this by asking that everyone wear a mask whenever we sing, and sing softly. 

Will services continue to be offered online?

Yes. We record our 8:45 AM Sunday morning worship service and upload a video of it around 11:00 AM each Sunday:  You can also access our audio MESSAGES under our website's RESOURCES tab

What about things we often touch…like Bibles, hymnals, connection cards, offering plates, communion plates, etc?

Bibles and hymnals will be removed. All music and Scripture used in the service will be projected on the front wall. We will not use connection cards for the immediate future. We will have someone at the welcome desk who can record contact information of new visitors. We will not pass offering plates, but will instead have an offering box placed near the entrance for people to deposit their tithes and offerings. We will have a sealed pre-filled cup with soft wafer in the communion cup holder at each seat on the Sundays we partake of the Lord’s Supper.

What about the "meet and greet" portion of the service along with hugs and handshakes?

We will not be doing that at this time as we will seriously seek to practice social distancing. We encourage all to do their fellowshipping outside as outdoor activities are relatively safe since coronaviruses are generally neutralized by sunlight, fresh air and the heat. We've temporarily added a tent for shade out front to make visiting a little more comfortable. 

How will the conclusion of the service be managed to adhere to social distancing?

We will dismiss people by rows from the back of the sanctuary first. All will be asked to exit the building. Fellowshipping can take place outside.

What about sanitization?

Cleaning volunteers work to disinfect high-touch areas between services: doors, restrooms, foyer and sanctuary. Hand sanitizer stations are located throughout the facility.

What about our coffee and tea time?

Sorry, but that will have to wait. At this point, no food or drinks.

What if we find out that somebody who worships with us is infected?

We assume that if a person is not feeling well that they will not come to the church building. However, because anyone who walks into a church could be an asymptomatic spreader, we will seek to set up a system to collect information for all participants, recording name, contact information and where each person is seated. We know that speed is of the essence when it comes to contact identification and tracing.

What about age-level Sunday School classes and Sunday’s children’s church?

Children's Church meets in-person during both services (8:45 AM & 10:45 AM). Children and their leaders are required to wear masks. For the time being, Sunday school classes will meet virtually (through Zoom) 6:00 pm Sunday evenings. 

Will the nursery be open?

Though our nursery will be sanitized, we will not be staffing the nursery in the immediate future. Parents with children are very welcome to join us in the sanctuary for our worship service. If a child becomes unruly, we encourage parents to utilize the foyer, quiet room and nursery as needed.