Our Christian Education Ministry walks with parents on the journey of bringing children into a growing living faith in God. We believe when it comes to raising children who love the Lord, "you can do it, we can help!"

Sunday mornings


Nursery is available for children birth to age 3 during Sunday School (9:30) and Worship (10:30). Parents are asked to check their child in using our simple check-in system before entering the nursery, then leave their cell phone on vibrate so they can be contacted if needed. We strive to make our nursery a safe and friendly environment.

Sunday School - 9:30 am

Children age 3 through 5th grade are welcomed to age-appropriate Sunday School classes. The focus is on learning stories from the Bible and relating those to our everyday lives. Children gather in room 10 for Sunday School opening, then move to age level classrooms with their teachers.

Morning worship time - 10:30 am

Kinderchurch (ages 3 to 5)

Children enjoy Bible stories, singing, crafts, snacks, and play time during the entire worship service. Kinderchurch meets in room 13.

Children’s Church (K to 3rd grade)

Children join their families for the first part of the morning service, so they can learn about and experience corporate worship as a part of the larger church body. They are dismissed to Children’s Church just before the sermon. In Children's Church, kids become "Trackers of Truth", learning through dynamic and interactive lessons focused squarely on the word of God. You can learn more about our curiculuum from Seedbed Kids here. After the service, adults pick up their children outside room 10.

Wednesday Nights

Kid's Club (K to 5th grade)

Children are invited to join Kid's Club on Wednesdays from 6:45–8:00pm during the school year. Kids learn Bible verses and participate in activities that help them learn more about following Jesus and living for Him. Crafts and recreation are also part of the program. Kid's Club meets in rooms 9, 10, and 11.

Special Events

Summer Camp at Wabash Park Campground

Week long camps are offered each summer for 3rd grade to Junior High students at our denomination’s campground in rural southern Indiana, near Terre Haute. Information about camp is available in the church office.

Youth: 6th - 12th Grade

We seek to partner with youth and their families as they journey through the transitional years of early adolescence. These years can be challenging for many, but we believe they can be exciting and life-changing, with Christ at the center. We strive to create an atmosphere where we live out Jesus’ command, “As I have loved you, so you must love another.” All are welcome to experience Christ’s love and the new life it gives.

Sunday mornings

Sunday School - 9:30 am

Each Sunday morning teens have the opportunity to attend a class which challenges their minds and encourages growth in Christ. Whether studying the Old or New Testament, apologetics, or some other topic, this class provides consistent food for thought and foundational teachings for faith. Teen Sunday School meets in Room 5.

Wednesday Nights

Free Methodist Youth (FMY) - 6:45–8:00 pm

FMY meets weekly through the school year. Gatherings include a mix of teaching, worship, recreation, and small group focused elements. The intent of Wednesday night youth meetings is to provide space for teens to connect with God and connect with each other. It is often a mid-week highlight for teens as they are equipped and recharged amid the many pressures students feel in today’s world. FMY topics include:

  • Basics of Christian doctrine
  • Serving our community and world
  • Christian Spirituality for teens
  • Spiritual disciplines
  • Temptations facing teens today

Special Events

In addition to regularly scheduled youth gatherings, special events occur throughout the year. Examples include activities in the Champaign-Urbana area, summer camps, mission trips, ski trips, lock-ins, and a national conference for teens (FMYC), which is held once every four years. Check the church calendar or contact our office for information on upcoming events.


We believe learning and spiritual growth should be a lifelong process. Don't be defined by your date of birth!

Sunday mornings

Sunday Small Groups - 9:30 am

A wide variety of engaging topics including theology, Christian daily life, and cultural perspectives are offered as part of the program. Sessions often include a lesson and group discussion time. Check the Event Calendar for current info.

The Gathering Place - 9:30 am

Gather for Christian Fellowship, coffee, and sharing in the foyer.

Through the Week

Check the calendar for details.

Small Groups

Small groups exist to equip and encourage. We have "launch" events several times each year to form new groups, restart existing ones, and to discuss a variety of study options. Participants sign up for the group/study that most interests them. Most groups meet weekly for a period of 8-10 weeks, then take a break. New options are offered each time. To learn more about small groups, contact the church.

Special Courses

Sometimes we want to delve deeper into a particular topic, and do so by offering special courses for further learning and growth. Recent offerings have included:


Alpha is an opportunity to explore the meaning of life in a relaxed, friendly setting where no question about life or God is off limits. We’ve offered this class in both English and Chinese. Learn more about Alpha at their website.

Marriage Ministries

Saying "I do" is just the beginning. We believe that couples need encouragement and support whether they're newlyweds or have hit lots of milestone anniversaries. It's never a bad time to learn how to love your spouse more and grow closer to God as a couple. We use a variety of marriage tools to help foster healthy relationships. Most recently, we hosted a series of BetterLove date nights. The uniuqe relationship assessment helps gives you a personalized action plan to go through together on a series of 4 dates. The BetterLove material can be done at home, so it's not too late to check it out!


Raising kids? Want them to love the Lord? You're not alone! As a church, we want to come alongside families to help make them stronger.

Wednesday Nights

**Occasionally we host "Faithful Family" dinner gatherings from 6:00-6:45. Age level groups gather beginning at 6:45.

Faithful Families is a unique gathering where those actively parenting can come to develop friendships and discuss topics relevant to family life, building healthy relationships and passing on faith at home to the next generation. Bring your kids—bring your friends! Fun, faith, and encouragement are served family style!

Here is how evenings are structured:

  • (On occasion) 6:00 to 6:45 pm Family dinner for all 
  • 6:45 to 7:00 pm Dinner clean up, kids head off to age level classes/programs
  • 7:00 to 8:00 pm Adult discussion and learning time, prayer

Recent resources we’ve used for discussion include: Effective Parenting in a Defective World by Chip Ingrim, Are My Kids On Track? The 12 Emotional, Spiritual and Social Milestones Your Child Needs to Reach by Sissy Goff, Melissa Trevathian and David Thomas, The Parent Cue and MarriedPeople Small Group material.

We also like to have a little fun! Check out the goofy video some of our families created for Chirstmas in 2018:



Through the Week

Building Faith@Home: Everyday Moments Matter

Studies show that the most important spiritual influences on a child’s life are not friends, teachers, a pastor/youth pastor or even the church itself… it’s what they see at home! That moment over breakfast when you share what you learned in your morning Bible reading; praying for patients and EMS workers in the car as an ambulance buzzes by; singing along to your favorite Christian radio station; praying a blessing over your child as you tuck them in at night or before you head out the door. Everyday moments matter. Now imagine the impact those moments have over the span of a childhood, or for generations. 

Just as it talks about in Deuteronomy 6:5-7, we want to encourage adults, typically Mom or Dad, to use everyday teachable moments to impress their faith upon their child’s heart. We recorded two examples. This one is told by the kids in the primary school kids Sunday School class. Their teacher, Mrs. Goran, took an every day moment and used it to teach the kids about thankfulness and seeing God’s hand at work in the little details of our lives- even in a piece of macaroni!

Here’s another moment from Suzanne and Ben, mother and son. They share about how remembering to pray can help us all through the storms of life, and how our children can become our teachers!