There are many ways to volunteer through the local church body, with our ministry teams organized by the type of services they manage (see list below). Each ministry team has a leader, most of whom have a seat on our Board of Administration. Each leader is supported by a committee of ministry team members who provide strategic input and planning for projects and services through occasional meetings. Here is a quick summary of each team, and the type of volunteer opportunities associated with each:

Christian Education

The CE Ministry Team provides opportunities for people of all ages to learn how to have a relationship with Jesus, grow in that relationship, and develop skills for sharing in witness, service and leadership. Volunteers teach and and assist in classes for all ages, nursery through adults. They also maintain materials in the Resource Center and Faith@Home area.   Contact our Christian Education Team today to get involved!


The Finance Ministry Team manages the church's financial resources, monitors the church budget and promotes tithing. Volunteers handle cashiering duties and prepare tax forms and other financial management tasks.  Contact our Finance Team today to get involved!


The Fellowship Team's mission is to help Mattis Avenue FMC attenders get connected as a part of the body of Christ. Volunteers plan and support special events, including our all-church Christmas Dinner and Easter breakfast, Sunday coffee/tea service, and other community building activities throughout the year.   Contact our Fellowship Team today to get involved!


The Missions Team oversees the participation of the church in global ministry through the missionaries we help to support and through short-term service abroad by members of the congregation. The team provides regular missions information and educational information for each age level. Volunteers help promote local awareness of global work in Christian missions. They organize missionary church visits and details related to short-term service trips.  Contact our Missions Team today to get involved!


The Outreach Team takes responsibility for greeters and ushers, helps new attenders become integrated into the fellowship and handles communication and advertising. The Outreach Team also organizes our English Conversations and Alpha courses. Volunteers serve as greeters and ushers and English Conversations teachers, plan newcomer fellowship events, provide support for Alpha courses and reach out to our neighborhood.  Contact our Outreach Team today to get involved!


The Property Team supervises custodial care, purchases and maintains all church equipment, and establishes policies and procedures for the supervision, use and care of all church property. Property team volunteers perform a variety of tasks related to the maintenance of the building.  Contact our Property Team today to get involved!


The Stewards Ministry Team provides assistance in Christ's name to congregational members and to members of the community, primarily through local Christian ministries. Volunteers on this team work through several sub-committes: Congregational Care, Congregational Assistance, Community Assistance, Support & Coordination with Local Christian Ministries, Christian Education Support, and Food Ministry.  Contact our Stewards Team today to get involved!


The goal of the Worship program at Mattis Avenue Free Methodist Church is to conduct services that give opportunities for believers to lift up the name of Jesus and worship with joy, while at the same time providing a winsome environment for the person not yet committed to Christ. The team and its volunteers produce and coordinate Sunday morning services as well as special events through the year. Volunteers serve in a variety of ways, including membership in the following groups: Praise Band, Media Team, Choir, Orchestra and Scripture Readers.  Contact our Worship Team today to get involved!

Prayer & Visitation

One of the primary benefits of being a member of a local church instead of just consuming sermons/music on your own, is joining in covenant community.  We care about one another, and regularly lift up the needs of our church, community, and world.  We also have/need people who will visit those who are sick/injured, or otherwise unable to leave the house to encourage them, read scripture aloud, and pray with them.  Contact our Prayer & Visitation Team today to get involved!