Leading Your Child to Christ

  • Age will vary: kit provided at Age 5+
  • Establish the practice of connecting as a family while passing spiritual truths to your child.

We recommend this kit to parents of children ages five and above, knowing that few children are ready to fully understand the gospel or make a faith decision at such a young age. Use the material in this kit to prepare yourself so you will be ready when your child expresses interest. This kit includes a brochure, "God Wants You in His Family!" that can help you walk through key scriptures and salvation concepts with your child. Also, a "My Faith Decision Card" where your child can record thoughts about this life changing step. 


Watch the Video

One of the greatest priveleges a parent has is to lead their own child to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. However, that privelege can also be intimidating! This video is a great resource, using parents, kids and pastors to coach you through the process.